About Us



Sai Portfolio Services is an administration service that provides a comprehensive yet simple way of investing for your financial future. Success in achieving your investment objectives requires a combination of sound financial advice from an authorised financial planner together with the right investment vehicle such as us.

Equities have long been the core of investment portfolios and we see no reason to change this, whether you are seeking a yield, focussing on capital appreciation, or combining the two in a total return strategy we are here to assist you. Our expertise in trading and research will be on hand to provide you with the latest developments on global equities and investment strategies to meet your investment objectives. Our proactive nature will give you the reassurance that you are receiving innovative and professional research in a concise and timely manner. We feel our proficiency sets us apart from the competition; we strive to explore niches that may be overlooked by many.

We will make payment in following manner.

For the transaction to be completed, we will send you Deal Confirmation Letter containing all the details of your security Name, Date of Transaction, Quantity, Rate, Mode of Delivery, Bank Details and our Demat Details.

You will have to Deposit your shares to our mentioned Demat Account, Once the shares get reflected to our Demat Account immediately we will make the Payment.

We will make you Payment by

(a) Demand Draft
(b) RTGS
(c) Transfer Cheque

We have Bank Accounts with: HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank.

Please note that this is off market transaction so S.T.T will not be deducted on our deals